Are you searching for a professional, insured fence contractor that you can trust to build your fence? Here are three reasons you should give us a call:


We're Fully Insured to Cover Potential Issues

We’ve never had to file a claim. But as the homeowner, you can feel safe knowing that your fence contractor is covered by a $2 million insurance policy.


Everyone on Our Team Is Fully Vetted and Trustworthy

Everyone who comes to your home will have undergone extensive vetting – for their character and workmanship. We have a dedicated, full-time HR Manager whose primary responsibility is to find honest, hard-working, and talented team members.


Professionalism with a Personal Touch

We have the standards and processes of a larger company. But as a family-run business, we’re proud of our personal touch and the relationships we build with our clients. 

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The #1 Fence Contractor in Fayetteville, AR

Trex Fencing is a division of Trex Outdoor Living that specializes in fence & gate installation & repair. We’re based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. We were founded on quality craftsmanship and reliable, professional service.

Let’s work together to find the perfect fence or gate for your project!

We can help you figure out what you need and create a plan that fits your budget. We use high-quality materials and take pride in our work.

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Installation and Repair Services

Trex Fencing will repair your fence so that it lasts for years to come. We’re a top fence installer in Fayetteville, but our services continue well beyond installation.

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Learn more about our process get started by requesting an estimate online and scheduling your no-contact site survey with our experts.

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Check out our fence styles to find ideas for your project! We can also create something custom if you have something different in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a fence cost?

The exact cost of fencing in Fayetteville, AR will depend on several factors, including:

  • Size of the fence: The greater the linear footage of fence needed, the higher the cost.
  • Material selection: Materials like wood tend to be more expensive than vinyl or chain link.
  • Style of fence: Privacy fences with pickets will cost more than a simple post and rail design.
  • Height of the fence: Taller fences will require more materials and labor, increasing the cost.
  • Complexity of the project: Uneven terrain, gates, and curves in the fence line can add complexity and cost.

We will need to talk with you and take a look at the property in order to get you an accurate quote. But, here’s approximate prices so you can begin budgeting and planning:

  • Chain link fence: $26 per linear foot
  • Cedar fence: $31 per linear foot
  • Treated Pine fence: $21 per linear foot
  • Wrought Iron fence: $52 per linear foot
  • Vinyl fence: $35 per linear foot
  • Composite fence: $45 per linear foot

Give us a call at 479-348-2860 or you can reach out to us by email at

What are the differences between the different types of fencing materials?

Here’s a breakdown of some common fence materials to help you choose the right one for your Fayetteville home:


    • Pros: Classic beauty, natural look, versatile in terms of design and staining options.
    • Cons: Requires regular maintenance (staining, sealing) to prevent rot and insect damage. Susceptible to warping and cracking over time. Not ideal for wet climates.


    • Pros: Low maintenance, resists weather elements, durable, wide range of colors and styles available.
    • Cons: Can be susceptible to warping in extreme heat if not made with high-quality materials. Limited color options compared to wood.


    • Pros: Very low maintenance, lightweight, strong and durable, won’t rust or corrode.
    • Cons: Can be dented if hit with force. May not offer the same level of privacy as solid wood or vinyl fences.

Chain Link:

    • Pros: Affordable option, low maintenance, good visibility through the fence. Great for security and keeping pets contained.
    • Cons: Offers minimal privacy. Chain link itself can rust over time if not coated or galvanized.


    • Pros: Combines the look of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl. Resistant to rot, warping, and insect damage. Many come with lengthy warranties.
    • Cons: More expensive than traditional wood fences. Can fade slightly over time, although high-quality composites are very resistant.

Other factors to consider:

    • Privacy needs: If privacy is a major concern, solid wood or vinyl fences offer the most blockage.
    • Style: Wood and composite offer a natural aesthetic, while vinyl and aluminum come in a wider variety of colors and styles to match your taste.
    • Maintenance: If you prefer minimal upkeep, vinyl, aluminum, and composite are better choices than wood.
    • Regulations: Some homeowners associations (HOAs) have restrictions on fence materials and heights. Be sure to check any HOA guidelines before making a decision.
What is the process for getting a fence installed and how long does it take?

The fence installation process typically involves several steps, though the exact order may vary slightly depending on the company and project complexity. Here’s a general outline:

    1. Consultation and Quote: You’ll contact a fence company like Superior Fence & Rail Fayetteville for a consultation. They’ll assess your property, discuss your needs and preferences, and provide a detailed quote outlining the materials, labor, and estimated timeline.
    2. Permitting (if required): In some areas, permits are needed for fence installation. Typically, the homeowner will have to complete this. But we’ll help you through the process.
    3. Locating Underground Utilities: Before digging any post holes, we’ll have to get these marked.
    4. Site Preparation: The fence line will be cleared of debris and leveled if necessary. This may involve removing any old fencing or vegetation in the way.
    5. Post Installation: Holes are dug for the fence posts, which are then set in concrete or secured with another approved anchoring method. The exact depth and spacing of the posts will depend on the fence material, height, and local building codes.
    6. Railing and Picket Installation: Once the posts are secure, the rails or framework for the fence are attached. Then, pickets, panels, or chain link are installed according to the chosen fence type.
    7. Gate Installation: If your fence includes a gate, it will be installed at this stage, ensuring proper clearance and functionality.
    8. Clean Up: The final step involves cleaning up any debris from the installation process.

How Long Does Fence Installation Take?

The installation timeline depends on several factors, including:

    • Size of the fence: Larger fences naturally take longer to install than smaller ones.
    • Complexity of the design: Simple straight fences go up faster than fences with curves, multiple gates, or uneven terrain.
    • Material selection: Some materials, like pre-fabricated vinyl panels, can be installed quicker than custom wood fences.
    • Crew size: A larger crew can typically complete the job faster than a smaller one.

For a simple wooden fence around a 200-foot yard with normal ground conditions expect the installation to take 2-4 days. This timeframe usually includes removal of the old fence and post-installation cleanup. More complex projects or larger fences could take a week or longer.

Can you help me determine the property line for fence placement?

There’s a few different ways to find our where your official, or legal, property line is. While we can’t do it for you, we’ll absolutely help and make sure we’ve got that all sorted out before we begin your fence install.

Here’s a list of a few ways to figure out where your property line is located:

  1. Check the website for the assessor’s office.
  2. Check your deed that you received at your closing.
  3. Go to the Washington County’s Assessor’s or Recorder’s office.
  4. Look at your property survey.
  5. Or hire a surveyor if you do not already have a survey done.

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Our entire team, from the person who takes your call to the folks who install your fence are professionals, pleasant and easy to work with. Everyone you interact with at the best fencing company in Fayetteville will be a delight. We treat our customers the way that we would hope to be treated.

We use only the highest quality materials. You can trust that your fence will last for years and stand up to most anything that mother nature throws its way.

We do our best to provide an exceptional product and service at the lowest cost possible. We may not always be the cheapest. But when you do business with us you will get the best.

We are professionals. That means, among many other things, that while we work and when we’re done with your project we’ll keep things completely clean and tidy. Other than the amazing new fence, you’ll hardly know that we were there.

We have the material selection to fit nearly every fencing job in Fayetteville. From vinyl, wood, steel or custom fabrication. You can rest assured that we can provide the type of fencing your project requires. That’s one of the many factors that make us the #1 fencing contractor in Farmington.

​We’re here to serve you and we’ll work around your schedule to get both your estimate and project completed quickly and when it’s most convenient for you.

We are completely full-service when it comes to fences. There’s probably not much we haven’t seen or done in all the twenty plus years we’ve been in business. Commercial, residential, industrial . . . you name it, we’ve built, installed or repaired it.

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